Vermicelli recipes

Chicken Soup Noodles

Chicken Soup, Vermicelli, Feminine

Huainan Beef Soup

Beef, Bean Curd, Vermicelli

Sour Noodle Soup

Vermicelli, Parsley, Rice Vinegar

Delicious Fish Noodle Soup

Fish Soup, Vermicelli, Shallots

Thick Soup Hot Pot

Thick Soup Treasure, Shallot, Ginger

Noodles in Red Sour Soup

Red Sour Soup, Vermicelli, Water

Crispy Pork Chicken Noodle Soup

Vermicelli, Crispy Meat, Chicken Soup

Old Soup Stewed Cabbage Vermicelli

Old Soup, Vermicelli, Chinese Cabbage

Fish Noodle Soup

Fish, Vermicelli, Salt

Ants on The Tree

Vermicelli, Pork, Salt

Pork and Cabbage Stewed Vermicelli

Pork Belly, Chinese Cabbage, Vermicelli

Braised Pork and Cabbage Vermicelli

Pork Belly, Chinese Cabbage, Vermicelli

Stewed Cabbage Vermicelli

Chinese Cabbage, Pork Belly, Vermicelli