Air Fryer Baked Cereal Cookies

Air Fryer Baked Cereal Cookies

by Xiao Xiaoduo and Buns

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I often buy a bag of oatmeal. After eating it for a while, I don’t want to eat it and throw it aside, and then forget it. When I remember that it has been a long time, I can’t eat it anymore, and I have to throw it away again. Later, I happened to see someone using oatmeal to make biscuits, and I did it a few times and it was pretty good. The first time I made it without adding flour, it was drier and crisper. Let's go ahead and scratch my throat a bit. This time I added a little low-gluten flour and it was not so dry. I added coconut oil, and there was a hint of coconut fragrance, but the cranberry bake was a bit bitter, but overall it was okay. The honey used is not sweetened, with the sweetness and sourness of raisins. It can be used as a hungry snack in the afternoon.

Air Fryer Baked Cereal Cookies

1. All materials are ready to be weighed. Dried cranberries and grapes are dry cleaned, soaked and chopped.

Air Fryer Baked Cereal Cookies recipe

2. Pour the oatmeal, flour, milk powder, nuts and dried fruit in a large bowl, mix and mix well. The salt can be left or not, and it has little effect.

Air Fryer Baked Cereal Cookies recipe

3. Add the honey and mix it for a while.

Air Fryer Baked Cereal Cookies recipe

4. Pour in coconut oil. Because it’s cold now, coconut oil is solidified, it can be melted by heating, or it can be replaced with butter, but the taste is different. Adding coconut oil has a slight coconut fragrance, but butter is not like this, it depends on everyone's preference.

Air Fryer Baked Cereal Cookies recipe

5. Add some water several times in small amounts and mix with a spatula while adding water. The amount of water is not absolute, it can be suspended when there is one third of the dry material left. If you have milk, you can change the water to milk.

Air Fryer Baked Cereal Cookies recipe

6. Put on gloves and press and mix all the ingredients evenly until all the ingredients can form a mass without falling apart. If it is too dry, you can add a little more water. Then let it stand for 10 minutes. The purpose of letting it stand is to let the various ingredients soak and taste, and it will be delicious when baked.

Air Fryer Baked Cereal Cookies recipe

7. Pull a ball of dough the size of a meatball, round it slightly, and then gently flatten it. It should not be too thick, not easy to bake, nor too thin, easy to spread, about five or six millimeters thick is suitable.

Air Fryer Baked Cereal Cookies recipe

8. Arrange the prepared biscuits one by one in the frying basket of the air fryer. I spread tin foil, but it’s easier to dry without spreading it. Bake at 170 degrees for 15 minutes. If you use an oven, do the same, but adjust the temperature and time yourself.

Air Fryer Baked Cereal Cookies recipe

9. Turn the biscuits one by one and bake them for another 10 minutes. Later, I opened one and tasted it. It felt a little wet in the middle, so I removed the tin foil and bake it at 120 degrees for another 5 minutes before it was dried. Therefore, it is easier to dry without foil.

Air Fryer Baked Cereal Cookies recipe

10. After the biscuits are baked, let cool. Then canned and preserved, it is best to eat as soon as possible.

Air Fryer Baked Cereal Cookies recipe


1. The oatmeal is made for instant brewing. The dried cranberries are battered and bitter. It is recommended to either leave it alone or soak it softly. It’s best to chop the raisins a bit, the larger ones will burst, and the raisins will become bitter.
2. Temperature and time are for reference, adjust according to your own machine. If you use an oven, do the same. The advantage of an air fryer over an oven is that it has hot air, which makes it easier to dry.


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