Deluxe Tomato Braised Rice

Deluxe Tomato Braised Rice

by Little Peach~

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The so-called deluxe version actually means that I have used a lot of side dishes and seasonings.
This rice is also called lazy rice, because there are so many dishes, there is no need to stir-fry. It is a perfect combination with homemade hot and sour radish or pickled cucumber in sauce.
Moms who have picky eaters at home can cook it for them~


Deluxe Tomato Braised Rice

1. Wash the rice and oats, put them in a rice cooker, add the same amount of water as usual for braising rice, and soak for a while

Deluxe Tomato Braised Rice recipe

2. Time to soak the rice. Ingredients: diced shiitake mushrooms, onions, and Cantonese sausage; cut potatoes into small pieces and fry them in oil until the surface becomes hard and slightly browned; remove the stalks of the tomatoes and scratch the surface with a cross knife

Deluxe Tomato Braised Rice recipe

3. Put the tomatoes in the center of the pot first, and then add the side dishes one at a time

Deluxe Tomato Braised Rice recipe

4. Add oyster sauce, light soy sauce, pepper, crushed black pepper, chicken essence, olive oil according to personal taste (because oyster sauce and light soy sauce are both salty, so there is no need to add salt) after the seasoning is finished, there is no need to stir.

Deluxe Tomato Braised Rice recipe

5. Just choose the normal braised rice and wait. Simmer for 5 minutes after the simmering is over.

Deluxe Tomato Braised Rice recipe

6. Stir all the ingredients with the rice below, and it's OK!

Deluxe Tomato Braised Rice recipe


1. Oatmeal can increase the taste and is rich in nutrition.
2. The potatoes are fried to avoid stickiness after being simmered, and it is not necessary to fry them in order to save trouble.
3. The side dishes can be matched by yourself. Before, I used carrots. Today, I just changed to shiitake mushrooms when I didn’t have any.
4. Sausage is best to have a wide taste, this kind is sweet, and the sweet smell is delicious after simmering.


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