Almond Cookies

Almond Cookies

by Handsome chef

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The finished product is very, very crisp, and everyone who has eaten it praises it as better than that creamy cookie. Recently, I made a lot of biscuits, adjusted a lot of recipes, and consulted professional teachers, including the recipe in the previous piece of milk-flavored cookies, and improved them, and the finished product was even better. Have the opportunity to share with you again. Moving forward in groping...
The taste of this almond cookie is very crisp, and the taste of melted almond is also quite strong. I personally think that it is more delicious than the original milk-flavored cookie.


Almond Cookies

1. Almonds are powdered with a cooking device, it is best to choose American almonds

Almond Cookies recipe

2. Butter softened

Almond Cookies recipe

3. Beat the butter until it is smooth. Add powdered sugar and salt to beat evenly. You don’t need to beat it, just use a manual whisk. The professional teacher told me that the taste is better if you knead it with your hands.

Almond Cookies recipe

4. Add 15 grams of egg liquid and stir evenly. The amount of egg liquid is relatively small and can be added at once

Almond Cookies recipe

5. Sift in low-gluten flour

Almond Cookies recipe

6. Into the beaten almond flour

Almond Cookies recipe

7. Mix well with a rubber spatula and refrigerate for 15 minutes for easy shaping

Almond Cookies recipe

8. Put it on the fresh-keeping bag and make it into cubes by hand

Almond Cookies recipe

9. Put it in the freezer and freeze for 40-60 minutes until frozen hard, cut 4 to 5 mm slices

Almond Cookies recipe

10. After the oven is preheated, the middle layer is 170 degrees for 15 minutes. The specific time needs to be determined according to the oven and the coloring situation and the thickness of the slice. As long as the color of the biscuits is slightly yellow, and they are not wet after cooling, they can be returned to the oven and baked 3 It takes 5 minutes until the moisture is lost, or after the color is turned off and simmered, it takes a few more attempts to grasp the maturity of the biscuits

Almond Cookies recipe


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