Ham Salad Bun

Ham Salad Bun

by Nutritionist Yiye Gourmet

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Although the ham is not healthy, she still makes it occasionally under repeated requests from her daughter. As soon as she agreed, she was very happy, sometimes let her participate, and can't wait to eat every time she finishes it.


Ham Salad Bun

1. Prepare the ingredients, the soup is 1:5 with powder and water, stir evenly and heat on low heat until there is a pattern. Use up within 2 days of refrigeration

Ham Salad Bun recipe

2. Put ingredients other than butter in the bread machine, and separate yeast from sugar and salt

Ham Salad Bun recipe

3. And to the expansion stage

Ham Salad Bun recipe

4. Add softened butter

Ham Salad Bun recipe

5. Ferment for 40-50 minutes

Ham Salad Bun recipe

6. After exhaust, it is divided into 60 grams.

Ham Salad Bun recipe

7. Roll long

Ham Salad Bun recipe

8. Put on the ham

Ham Salad Bun recipe

9. Wrap up

Ham Salad Bun recipe

10. Cut into 6 portions

Ham Salad Bun recipe

11. Ferment the shape for 15 minutes, squeeze an appropriate amount of salad dressing, heat 170 to 150 degrees and bake for 17-18 minutes

Ham Salad Bun recipe


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