Amber Walnut

Amber Walnut

by Fable 7656

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A small snack for children who don’t like walnuts.
The walnut kernels coated in syrup are fragrant and sweet, and the daughter who doesn't like to eat walnuts can't stop eating.


Amber Walnut

1. Ingredients: walnuts, sugar

Amber Walnut recipe

2. Put the walnuts in the baking tray, put them in the oven at 160 degrees, and bake for ten minutes.

Amber Walnut recipe

3. Put white sugar in the pot, add half a cup of water and start boiling

Amber Walnut recipe

4. Slowly boil sugar juice

Amber Walnut recipe

5. The syrup is thickened, add black and white sesame seeds and continue to simmer

Amber Walnut recipe

6. The sugar juice has been boiled to golden brown, and it is not enough to continue to boil it to dark brown.

Amber Walnut recipe

7. It turns into dark brown, keeps popping out fine bubbles, and quickly drops in the walnuts to quickly make the syrup adhere to the walnuts.

Amber Walnut recipe

8. Take it out, spread it out and place it on a non-stick baking tray to let it cool. The sweet and fragrant amber walnuts can be eaten. My daughter doesn't like walnuts, but the prepared amber walnuts will not stop eating.

Amber Walnut recipe


When the white sugar is fried into brown, dense bubbles continue to emerge. The consistency of honey is similar to that of walnut kernels. The time is very short, so you must master it well. Pour the walnuts into a baking dish or a greased dish to spread and let cool to avoid sticking.


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