Leek Dumplings

Leek Dumplings

by Oh, landlord daughter-in-law

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The super delicious leek-stuffed dumplings of traditional Chinese cuisine.


Leek Dumplings

1. Mash walnuts and peanuts for later use

Leek Dumplings recipe

2. Put the vermicelli at 70% oil temperature, deep-fry until fluffy and white, mash it for later use. (It is recommended to put the noodles in a frying pan for multiple times to fry them easily)

Leek Dumplings recipe

3. Chop the cooked fish balls and set aside

Leek Dumplings recipe

4. One green onion, one piece of ginger, finely chopped, and 6 eggs. Stir well, fry and chop for later use.

Leek Dumplings recipe

5. Finely chop fresh leeks. (You can wash and dry the leeks in advance. It is better to chop them when there is no moisture)

Leek Dumplings recipe

6. Kneaded dough and fillings. The dough can also be kneaded in advance, it is better to wake up for half an hour. Add oyster sauce, sesame oil, chicken essence, salt, and thirteen spices to the filling.

Leek Dumplings recipe

7. You know.

Leek Dumplings recipe

8. Traditional Chinese delicacies are out of the pot.

Leek Dumplings recipe


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