American Breakfast Omelet

American Breakfast Omelet

by I--lean

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On business trips, I love the American breakfast egg rolls, fragrant cheese, mixed with the fragrance of all kinds of seasonal vegetables and egg rolls, so that every morning is full of energy! I really want to eat egg rolls this weekend. Except for the lack of cheese, I made one by myself.

The following materials are for two adults.


American Breakfast Omelet

1. Mainly dicing takes a little time

American Breakfast Omelet recipe

2. Melt the butter in a low heat pan. Small saucepans are better and are easy to shape and roll the egg rolls.

American Breakfast Omelet recipe

3. Stir fry the onion

American Breakfast Omelet recipe

4. Stir fry other seasonal vegetables. Other diced foods can be added according to personal taste, such as diced ham, diced bacon, etc. will be more fragrant...

American Breakfast Omelet recipe

5. When the vegetables are soft, add salt. This is the amount for two people, I was lazy and did it together. If you have Yaxing, you can make them separately, so half the amount of vegetables is enough.

American Breakfast Omelet recipe

6. Gather the vegetables in the middle of the pan, leaving a space of two to three centimeters around, and pour the egg juice.

American Breakfast Omelet recipe

7. At this time, you must be very careful about the fire. The previous gas stove had a small fire like mung beans inside and outside two circles. Now the natural gas, the firepower is in full swing, and the small fire in the center is in full swing. My sister can only hold the pot and rotate it to keep the fire even... .

American Breakfast Omelet recipe

8. ...However, the center is still easy to burn. The main reason is that the firepower of the stove is difficult to control; the amount of two people needs a long time to bake. Next time, do it one by one;) When the basic bottom surface is formed (use a small wooden spoon to see if the whole piece can be opened, the egg juice on the surface can still be slightly shaken), fold the egg roll in half, and bake it on both sides. Into the disk. The burnt surface layer is taken away with a small blade without affecting the taste, see the finished picture.

American Breakfast Omelet recipe


If the vegetables are diced on the same day, it’s best to have cheese. Add them when the vegetables are soft. You don’t need to add ketchup to the finished product too early, or add bread directly. The taste is very good. The egg is fragrant and add some fruit and milk, which is very satisfying. !


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