American Ginseng Powder

American Ginseng Powder

by Grace small kitchen

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American ginseng powder nourishes qi and nourishes yin, clears heat and promotes body fluid. It is used for qi deficiency and yin deficiency, internal heat, coughing and wheezing, phlegm and blood, fatigue from deficiency and heat, diminishing thirst, dry mouth and dry throat. The dosage is 3~6g. To invigorate lung yin, clear deficiency and fire, produce body fluid and quench thirst. Cure long-term cough due to lung deficiency, blood loss, dry throat and thirst, tiredness of deficiency and heat. "


American Ginseng Powder

1. Bake the American ginseng slices in the oven, 100 degrees, 20 minutes

American Ginseng Powder recipe

2. Take out and let cool

American Ginseng Powder recipe

3. Put the American ginseng slices into the food processor

American Ginseng Powder recipe

4. Select the mill powder key to run to the end

American Ginseng Powder recipe

5. Pour out

American Ginseng Powder recipe


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