Peach Ginseng Fruit Tea

Peach Ginseng Fruit Tea

by Fire plated red leaves

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You are a good wife at home. Apart from cooking and cooking, how can you not make desserts? After a meal or afternoon tea, you can have a small dessert such as peach gum and ginseng fruit tea, which can clear the heat and calm the mind and improve the mind. , Nourish yin and nourish lungs, family members will think you are so caring! "


Peach Ginseng Fruit Tea

1. Prepare materials, peach gum is pre-soaked

Peach Ginseng Fruit Tea recipe

2. Add proper amount of water to the peach gum and cook for about 10 minutes

Peach Ginseng Fruit Tea recipe

3. Only then did the pear peel and cut into pieces

Peach Ginseng Fruit Tea recipe

4. Throw the pear pieces into the pot

Peach Ginseng Fruit Tea recipe

5. When the pears are cooked a little soft, nowadays American ginseng slices and rock sugar

Peach Ginseng Fruit Tea recipe

6. When the rock sugar is boiled until it is completely melted, turn off the heat and serve in a bowl

Peach Ginseng Fruit Tea recipe


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