An's Bean Noodles

An's Bean Noodles

by Poetry and distance.

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Because I am married to a Muslim, I can’t eat pork at home. This one is made of chicken. Snacks can be made with pork. The taste will be more fragrant than this.


An's Bean Noodles

1. Slice the chicken breast, wash the beans and break into small pieces, cut the noodles twice and set aside

An's Bean Noodles recipe

2. Stir fragrant pepper, green onion and garlic in hot oil. Add chicken slices and stir fry with soy sauce. Use more oil so that the noodles will not be simmered afterwards.

An's Bean Noodles recipe

3. Serve the fried chicken slices on a plate for later use

An's Bean Noodles recipe

4. Put the oil on the heat and stir-fry the beans. A spoonful of salt can quickly sand out the water for the beans. The beans must be half-dried. Flip frequently and don't get muddled!

An's Bean Noodles recipe

5. After the beans are half dried, pour the prepared chicken slices and stir-fry evenly. At the same time, add two aniseed ingredients and 2 tablespoons of salt.

An's Bean Noodles recipe

6. Add broth (use hot water if you don’t have it, I use hot water haha) until the beans are submerged

An's Bean Noodles recipe

7. Quickly place the noodles on top of the beans

An's Bean Noodles recipe

8. This one is in a well-arranged form, and the thickness is even better.

An's Bean Noodles recipe

9. Cover the pot and simmer for 7-8 minutes. The heat is different. Master it yourself. Don't simmer it!

An's Bean Noodles recipe

10. After opening the lid, use chopsticks and spatula to stir. It is recommended to use chopsticks first, so that it will not break. The look will look better.

An's Bean Noodles recipe

11. When it is finished, the effect is not very good, and the actual object is better than this.

An's Bean Noodles recipe

12. If you like garlic, you can add some garlic juice, the taste is super good!

An's Bean Noodles recipe


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