Ants on The Tree

Ants on The Tree

by Nuan Nuan Shang

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It is rumored that the dish of ants going up the tree is related to Dou E in Feixue in June. Dou E's husband fell ill and died soon after getting married. Dou E's mother-in-law fell ill in bed because of this, and the livelihood of the family fell on Dou E's shoulders. In addition to seeking medical treatment and medicine for her mother-in-law, she had to think of ways to cook some delicious meals for her mother-in-law. In the end, she was unable to make ends meet. The meat stall boy stopped paying her on credit, and cut it only after Dou E's bitter pleading. Give a small piece of meat to Dou E. Dou E used a small piece of pork to chop the minced pieces, fried them with fans, and gave them to her mother-in-law to eat. The mother-in-law noticed that there were many black spots on the fans. She asked with presbyopia: "Why are there so many ants on this?" After moving the chopsticks and tasting it, I couldn't help but praised again and again, and said that this dish is simply called "ant on the tree"!

Although the story is written by Mr. Guan Hanqing, it can be seen that most of the wisdom comes from the folks. An ant goes up a tree, its name and image are narrative, the ingredients are common, and the flavor is full of flavour, which can be called a good tool for eating. Moreover, the fans are easy to fill, and can be used as a dish and as a staple food. If you are not used to the spicy taste, you can omit the Pixian bean paste and use light soy sauce or dark soy sauce to taste as delicious.


Ants on The Tree

1. Rinse the mung bean vermicelli and soak it in cold water for half an hour. After the vermicelli becomes slightly soft, cut two knives to the proper length with kitchen scissors.

Ants on The Tree recipe

2. Wash pork and chop into minced meat, mince garlic, ginger, and chives, and prepare Pixian bean paste.

Ants on The Tree recipe

3. Put an appropriate amount of peanut oil in a pan, add ginger and garlic and stir-fry for a fragrant after the oil is hot.

Ants on The Tree recipe

4. Lower the chopped meat paste and quickly spread until the meat paste changes color.

Ants on The Tree recipe

5. Add rice wine and a tablespoon of Pixian bean paste, stir fry over medium heat until the minced meat is colored.

Ants on The Tree recipe

6. After soaking the fans.

Ants on The Tree recipe

7. Add 160ml of broth or hot water, add a small spoonful of light soy sauce as appropriate to season, boil on medium heat and turn to low heat until the vermicelli has no hard cores.

Ants on The Tree recipe

8. Finally, sprinkle in chopped chives, turn off the heat, mix well and serve.

Ants on The Tree recipe


1. Pixian Doubanjiang is relatively salty, please add light soy sauce or salt according to the actual situation.
2. Add broth or hot water and cook until the vermicelli has no hard cores. Be careful not to cook for too long. The vermicelli is too soft and rotten to affect the taste.
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