Seaweed Vermicelli Soup

Seaweed Vermicelli Soup

by Leo's BLUE

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A simple and delicious vermicelli soup!


Seaweed Vermicelli Soup

1. Prepare the ingredients you need, soak the fans in warm water in advance, and wash the dried shrimps.

Seaweed Vermicelli Soup recipe

2. Pour an appropriate amount of water into the pot, and then add the seasoning bag and vegetable bag in the seaweed bag

Seaweed Vermicelli Soup recipe

3. Add the vermicelli and shrimp skin, cook for a while, and cook the vermicelli thoroughly

Seaweed Vermicelli Soup recipe

4. Finally add seaweed and mix well

Seaweed Vermicelli Soup recipe

5. After adding the seaweed, let it cook for about 30 seconds before it can be out of the pot.

Seaweed Vermicelli Soup recipe


I use the ready-made seaweed soup bag. This vermicelli soup can also add all kinds of meatballs that you like. When you don’t want to cook, you can stew in one pot!


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