Appetizing Lemon Duck

Appetizing Lemon Duck

by S sweet

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I have a bad appetite in summer, and lemon is a good appetizer. The lemon duck made today is a special dish in Nanning, Guangxi. Its taste is sour and spicy, delicious, and extremely appetizing.


Appetizing Lemon Duck

1. Prepare half a duck and chop it into pieces!

Appetizing Lemon Duck recipe

2. Salty lemon, yellow peel fruit, soaked ginger, soaked chili, and sour lotus are essential.

Appetizing Lemon Duck recipe

3. Just slice the accessories!

Appetizing Lemon Duck recipe

4. Boil the duck meat in boiling water until it is half cooked and remove.

Appetizing Lemon Duck recipe

5. Don't put oil in the pot, just put the cooked duck in the pot and stir up the moisture!

Appetizing Lemon Duck recipe

6. When cutting the duck, I took out the fat duck skin and duck oil separately, which can be used for oil refining, which is also fuel-efficient, hehe

Appetizing Lemon Duck recipe

7. After refining the oil, pour the duck into the pot, add some cooking wine, and stir fry!

Appetizing Lemon Duck recipe

8. Add the ingredients and stir fry (note that the salted lemon and mint leaves are put at the end, if you put the lemon too early, the taste will become bitter)

Appetizing Lemon Duck recipe

9. Enlarge the green onions and continue to stir fry!

Appetizing Lemon Duck recipe

10. Add broth, or if there is no broth, add water. Cover the lid and simmer the duck for 12-15 minutes. When braising, be sure to open the lid and stir fry twice to avoid sticking the pot.

Appetizing Lemon Duck recipe

11. After 15 minutes, the duck is fully cooked. At this time, you can add white sugar, salty lemon and stir fry (if you like spicy food, you can add a little chili). At the same time, put light soy sauce to make the old soy sauce taste better. Continue to stir-fry for a while, and finally put the mint leaves to add fragrance to the pot!

Appetizing Lemon Duck recipe


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