Appetizing Red Bean Sour Soup

Appetizing Red Bean Sour Soup

by Tak Shou Su Kitchen

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Appetizing hot and sour red bean soup in summer, it tastes great!
It has the effects of warming the middle and lowering qi, invigorating the kidneys and replenishing qi, improving the intestines and stomach, relieving hiccups, and curing coughs.
The above red bean effects are taken from Baidu Encyclopedia


Appetizing Red Bean Sour Soup

1. Prepare the right amount of vegetables according to the number of people. (When buying red beans, please ask the seller to give some bean soup, if you don’t have it, you can also boil it in water. Crush a few beans when you cook, and the soup will become thicker)

Appetizing Red Bean Sour Soup recipe

2. Fry sauerkraut (also called pickled cabbage) with 1.5 tablespoons of oil, then add red beans and stir fry

Appetizing Red Bean Sour Soup recipe

3. Then add bean soup, oil chili pepper, salt, boil for 2~3 minutes, add a little MSG and mint and it will start the pot.

Appetizing Red Bean Sour Soup recipe


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