Authentic Chongqing Noodles

Authentic Chongqing Noodles

by Yanmen Qinggao Kitchen

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Speaking of the influence of Chongqing, people must first think of hot pot, beauty, mountain city and so on, but if I say that Chongqing has a kind of delicacy that is more famous than hot pot, you probably don’t know it. A CCTV show selected Chongqing. As for the special delicacies, Chongqing small noodles are ranked before the hot pot. Chongqing people love Chongqing small noodles as much as hot pot! "


Authentic Chongqing Noodles

1. The main ingredient for making noodles is of course noodles. Of course, the requirement for perfection is to make the noodles by yourself. Making noodles is a technical activity. The noodles cannot be too soft or too hard to ensure that the noodles are strong and delicious. After mixing the noodles, it is very important to wake up the noodles. The time is guaranteed within 20 minutes. about.

Authentic Chongqing Noodles recipe

2. Prepare various seasonings. Chop the ginger and garlic into the bottom to prepare a bowl of ginger and garlic water. Pick and wash the chives and cut into chopped green onions. While the noodle water is not boiling, adjust the juice: add two spoons of soy sauce, half a spoon of chicken essence, and half of MSG. Spoon, a spoonful of green onion, two spoons of pepper noodles, two spoons of hot pepper sea pepper, one spoon of lard, one spoon of cooked rapeseed oil, one spoon of peanuts and mustard, add two spoons of noodle soup to the seasoning bowl, if you have bone soup at home Is the best

Authentic Chongqing Noodles recipe

3. After the water is boiled, put in a small handful of noodles, then quickly stir it with chopsticks, add water spinach, and cook until it is broken (pinch a section with your hands, and there is no white spot), then you can fill the bowl

Authentic Chongqing Noodles recipe


1. Soy sauce, you don't need expensive light soy sauce and soy sauce, just soy sauce.
(Why do you want to put it first? Because there is nothing in the bowl to control the amount of soy sauce, you can put less first, in case it gets weaker, add salt, remember not to add soy sauce to the cooked noodles)
2. MSG and Essence of Chicken (If you have seen those well-known noodles put seasonings, you know how important MSG is to them, it is recommended to put more)
3. Mixed oil (lard, vegetable oil, sesame oil), the oil must be put more, this is also the key. Friends who don’t like to eat lard can use a mixture of vegetable oil, salad oil and sesame oil instead, but it wouldn’t be as fragrant without lard.
4. Many people with three highs will choose tartary buckwheat flour, which can achieve the therapeutic effect from the diet.


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