Ginger Garlic Water recipes

Chongqing Small Noodles

Stick Bone, Fish Bone, Noodles

Noodles with Mushroom Sauce

Alkaline Water Surface, Sesame Oil, Soy Sauce

Cold Chard

Chard, Water Peas, Ginger Garlic Water

Homemade Cold Dishes ㊙️‼ ️cold and Dry Cold Skin

Dry Cold Skin, Fruit Cucumber, Ginger Garlic Water

Authentic Chongqing Noodles

Tartary Buckwheat Flour, Wheat Flour, Water Spinach

Chongqing Cold Noodles

Alkaline Water Surface, Green Bean Sprouts, Fish Coriander

Old Chengdu Red Oil Cold Noodle

Stick Noodles, Green Bean Sprouts, Rapeseed Oil

#trust of Beauty#chongqing Oil Burning Noodles

Alkaline Water Surface, Soy Sauce, Seasoning Powder

Cold Noodles

Noodles, Yuhe Refined Small Noodle Base Material, White Sugar


White Jelly, Ginger Garlic Water, Vinegar

Cold Pork Liver

Pork Liver, Chili Oil, Soy Sauce

Cold Pork Bladder

Pork Bun, Green Onions, Shallots

Cold Yuba

Dried Yuba, Celery Stalk, Green Striped Pepper

Saliva Chicken

Three Yellow Chicken, Ginger, Shallot

How to Make A Bowl of Authentic Chongqing Noodles?

Alkaline Water Surface, Soup Base Seasoning Powder, Soy Sauce

The Bowl of Cold Noodles from Childhood

Alkaline Noodles, Cucumber, Kelp