Avocado Rice Ball

Avocado Rice Ball

by Sunflower 2923

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After buying avocado, I suddenly thought of avocado sushi, and then I made this avocado rice ball. You can mix the ingredients and the amount by yourself.


Avocado Rice Ball

1. Prepare the ingredients, soak the black rice one night in advance

Avocado Rice Ball recipe

2. The rice and black rice are cooked together. After they are cooked, add raisins and a little black vinegar, and mix well. The black vinegar is used for seasoning and it is not necessary to add

Avocado Rice Ball recipe

3. Cut the avocado into cubes, take out the rice ball while it is hot, wrap the avocado, and shape it into your favorite shape

Avocado Rice Ball recipe

4. Roll the seaweed, wrap it in plastic wrap, and it’s ready for takeout

Avocado Rice Ball recipe


It is recommended to add more water when cooking the rice, as the rice is soft and sticky


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