Baby Spinach Muffins

Baby Spinach Muffins

by I'm Feifei

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A simple muffin as a quick breakfast, nutritious and delicious. I tried spinach this time. Of course, I changed the spinach to banana, orange, carrot and yogurt. You can try this muffin. It is very soft and soft for all ages. should


Baby Spinach Muffins

1. Spinach is cooked and cooked in a cooking machine. Add 1 egg and a small amount of flour. Add it by yourself

Baby Spinach Muffins recipe

2. This is the mixed batter

Baby Spinach Muffins recipe

3. Heat the pan on a low heat without putting oil. Use a bowl to drop the batter into a flat-bottomed non-stick pan. Pay attention to a place where the batter will automatically spread around to form a circle.

Baby Spinach Muffins recipe

4. The batter can be turned over if bubbles appear on the surface of the batter.

Baby Spinach Muffins recipe

5. It can be out of the pan after 1-2 minutes after turning it over

Baby Spinach Muffins recipe

6. Such a pancake is ready to fry and feel that the pan is too hot. You can wipe the center of the pan with a damp cloth to lower the temperature and repeat the same steps until the batter is fried.

Baby Spinach Muffins recipe


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