Spinach Toast Over 9 Months

Spinach Toast Over 9 Months

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Many mothers do not know how to make steamed buns and think that fermentation is too complicated, so you can buy a bread machine. Making toast for kids is completely lazy with one-click operation. It’s super easy. For the spinach toast I made this time, I made vegetables in the bread. I eat the vegetables like a baby who doesn’t like vegetables. Spinach needs to be washed and boiled in water. Remove the oxalic acid at once and then muddy it.
Regarding the storage method of butter: After refrigerating the butter, cut into small pieces, then freeze it, it is very convenient to take it when you use it, and it will be fine for a year. As for the storage of bread, it is best to store it at room temperature for 2-3 days and eat it. It cannot be refrigerated. If the bread dries faster, it won’t taste good. There is another way to store it for a long time, which is to wait for the bread to cool and slice it, then seal it and freeze it for ten and a half months without any problem. Take it out and bake it or reheat it in the pan. Fry it, you can also cover the lid and steam it in the pan. Do not put water in the bread when it is steamed, otherwise it will not be eaten if it is soaked. The steamed bread is very soft and tastes good.

Spinach Toast Over 9 Months

1. The spinach is blanched and pureed. I need to defrost the frozen one and use it

Spinach Toast Over 9 Months recipe

2. Butter is unsalted butter. It can be used directly without thawing.

Spinach Toast Over 9 Months recipe

3. 220g of spinach puree can be at room temperature in winter, ice in summer, room temperature in spring and autumn, unsalted butter 20g, high sugar-tolerant yeast 3g, high-gluten flour 200g rye flour 50g, over one year old can add 20-30g white sugar, 1g salt and put all into the bread bucket

Spinach Toast Over 9 Months recipe

4. Press the start button on the bread machine and nothing else

Spinach Toast Over 9 Months recipe

5. After the bread is ready, there will be a sound of dripping, and it can be wrapped immediately after it is taken out to cool.

Spinach Toast Over 9 Months recipe


1. The bread must be ready and take it out immediately
2. After the bread is completely cooled, it can be sealed. Don't slice it at room temperature. If it is frozen, you can slice it and freeze it so you can take it out


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