Bacon Braised Rice

Bacon Braised Rice

by Yoha Kitchen

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The new rice in autumn came to our table quietly with the aroma of earth. As a landmark food, Wuchang rice flower scented rice with its unique aroma, quietly grabbed our stomach and the aroma of rice flower floated back and forth in our sense of smell. I prefer its fragrance to linger on the tip of the tongue...
You can smell the scent of rice through the package and naturally can’t stay, immediately open the bag, wash the rice, and get a quick pot of bacon braised rice immediately before you. Although the marinated meat is occasionally eaten, it’s not an exaggeration.


Bacon Braised Rice

1. The bacon needs to be cleaned in advance, use a knife to wipe off the stains on the surface, and steam for 20 minutes.

Bacon Braised Rice recipe

2. Prepare rice and other materials; peel the carrots and potatoes, wash and dice, and slice the steamed bacon

Bacon Braised Rice recipe

3. Without oil in the wok, put the bacon and stir-fry on low heat to get the fat, add the onion, garlic, and diced carrots and stir-fry. After a few minutes, add the diced potatoes and stir-fry; I did not add salt to taste, the bacon is relatively salty

Bacon Braised Rice recipe

4. Wash the rice and put it in the rice cooker

Bacon Braised Rice recipe

5. Pour the fried vegetables into a rice cooker and mix it with a rice spoon; add water and vegetables to make it level

Bacon Braised Rice recipe

6. Use the rice function of the rice cooker, after twenty minutes, wait for the meal to be OK

Bacon Braised Rice recipe

7. A bowl of fragrant bacon stewed rice

Bacon Braised Rice recipe


1. The raw bacon is hard and needs to be steamed before being sliced. The stains on the surface of the bacon can be scraped with a knife and rinsed with hot water.
2. Vegetables do not need to be fried, just stir them well; add salt in a selective amount, personally feel that the taste is enough


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