Sausage Braised Rice

Sausage Braised Rice

by Sister Dan's snack shop

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There are only sausages and mushrooms left at home. I don’t want to go out to buy vegetables. Just make a simple sausage stew. You can also relieve the greedy cat~ haha!


Sausage Braised Rice

1. Wash the mushrooms and soak them in warm water

Sausage Braised Rice recipe

2. Cut shiitake mushrooms and sausage into small cubes after soaking

Sausage Braised Rice recipe

3. Wash the rice. Since the rice is made of Cambodian jasmine rice, it is easier to absorb juice, so the water used to cook the rice is slightly less than usual. Diced sausage spread on the rice

Sausage Braised Rice recipe

4. Add diced shiitake mushrooms and a spoonful of vegetable oil. Start cooking. While cooking the rice, prepare the sauce. Add a little oyster sauce, appropriate amount of salt, soy sauce, pepper, and a little water to a small bowl, stir well

Sausage Braised Rice recipe

5. After the rice is cooked, jump to the holding position, pour the seasoning on the rice and mix well. Close the lid, press to the cooking position, continue cooking

Sausage Braised Rice recipe

6. When the rice cooker jumps to the holding position again, simmer for about 5 minutes, and the food is out! ! ! applaud

Sausage Braised Rice recipe


Sausages are delicious with Cantonese style sausages. Of course, you can also put others~ Cambodian jasmine rice, which is used according to personal taste, is very fragrant and I like to eat it. The juice is very tasty and delicious!
You can make a fruit salad while braising the rice~


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