Baked Cold Noodles

Baked Cold Noodles

by yiyi mother

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If you want to talk about how popular this is, just go to the school gate to check out the grand occasions after school.
But I wouldn't let my daughter buy it outside, because it was too unhygienic. I couldn't stand just watching the eldest sister who was roasting cold noodles knocking on the eggs and grabbing the coriander.
What you can do is do it yourself at home!


Baked Cold Noodles

1. 1. Mix 1 spoon of garlic chili sauce, 1 spoon of sweet noodle sauce, 1 spoon of vinegar, and 1 spoon of sugar into a sauce;
2. Chop onion and coriander for later use;
3. Heat a flat-bottomed non-stick pan over low heat and pour a small amount of oil;
4. Use a shovel to cut the oil;
5. Soak the cold noodles in water and remove them immediately (to prevent the cold noodles from drying out), and spread them in the pot;

Baked Cold Noodles recipe

2. 6. Beat an egg on the cold surface;
7. Disperse with a shovel;
8. Turn the cold noodles over after a little solidification;
9. Brush the sauce;
10. Sprinkle chopped onion;
11. Sprinkle cumin powder;
12. Sprinkle cooked sesame seeds;
13. Sprinkle coriander;
14. Put on the ham sausage (the ham sausage I bought is relatively thick, so I cut it in half from the middle);

Baked Cold Noodles recipe

3. 15. Roll up;
16. Brush another layer of sauce on the surface;
17. Take out, cut into pieces and eat.

Baked Cold Noodles recipe


1. Small fire throughout;
2. The cold noodles are easy to disperse when turning over. Be careful. It is better to turn from the short side.


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