Banana Egg Pancake

Banana Egg Pancake

by binbin5717

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I bought bananas for a few days, the skin is obviously dark, and it makes people lose appetite, but the taste is very full. It is the sweetest time, of course, it will spoil if you don’t eat it. It is best to bring pancakes in the morning But that's it.


Banana Egg Pancake

1. Two bananas, mashed with a spoon and set aside

Banana Egg Pancake recipe

2. Beat in two eggs, add appropriate amount of milk and sugar, mix well

Banana Egg Pancake recipe

3. Add flour, stir into a delicate batter, the consistency can be runny

Banana Egg Pancake recipe

4. Brush the pan with oil until the banana batter is added and spread out

Banana Egg Pancake recipe

5. Slowly fry on low heat until golden on both sides

Banana Egg Pancake recipe

6. Take it out of the pan and eat it while it’s hot. The sweetness of a banana lingers in your mouth. The noodles are also extremely fragrant and soft. They are the softest pancakes I have ever eaten.

Banana Egg Pancake recipe


1. Bananas are best to be black, soft and sweet, and easy to crush;
2. Don't put too much flour, otherwise it will be hard;
3. Fry slowly on low heat, and be careful when turning it over, because bananas are easily broken if you put too much;
4. Don't put too much sugar, otherwise it will cover up the taste of bananas.


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