Banana Walnut Egg Pancake

Banana Walnut Egg Pancake

by Shredded Potato Burrito

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At first glance, I can't tell what the biscuits are, but they taste great.
Very simple breakfast food, rich in nutrition, omelette baked with bananas and cooked walnuts, very delicious, fast, breakfast food prepared in minutes.


Banana Walnut Egg Pancake

1. Cut bananas into small pieces

Banana Walnut Egg Pancake recipe

2. The cooked walnuts are also simply chopped

Banana Walnut Egg Pancake recipe

3. Keep the banana and walnuts together, and break into an egg

Banana Walnut Egg Pancake recipe

4. Put in half a small bowl of flour

Banana Walnut Egg Pancake recipe

5. Mix well. If the egg is small and it feels too dry, add some water. It can be easily stirred without sticking the chopsticks.

Banana Walnut Egg Pancake recipe

6. Put the oil in a flat-bottomed spoon, scoop the banana-walnut batter with a spoon, one by one, put it directly into the pot and spread it out

Banana Walnut Egg Pancake recipe

7. It can be baked on both sides to make golden

Banana Walnut Egg Pancake recipe


Bananas don’t need to be crushed into a puree shape, and cut into small pieces to have a little taste and taste better.


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