Banana Egg Pancake

Banana Egg Pancake

by You see the smoke

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I just bought a bunch of fruits a few days ago, and I’ve been trying to lose weight in the past few days. You can eat other fruits at night, except bananas. If the calories are too high, it might be possible to gain weight. Thinking hard to make this banana omelet for breakfast, it is not only to relieve gluttony but also to worry about growing meat, it is beautiful!


Banana Egg Pancake

1. Prepare the ingredients

Banana Egg Pancake recipe

2. Beat the eggs into the flour, add white sugar and water

Banana Egg Pancake recipe

3. Stir well

Banana Egg Pancake recipe

4. Peel the banana and use a teaspoon to loosen it (you can also break it with a food processor)

Banana Egg Pancake recipe

5. Add the mashed banana to the stirred batter

Banana Egg Pancake recipe

6. Stir well

Banana Egg Pancake recipe

7. Preheat the electric cake stall with oil, scoop a spoon of batter and start frying in the electric cake stall

Banana Egg Pancake recipe

8. Fry on one side and fry the other side

Banana Egg Pancake recipe

9. Finished picture

Banana Egg Pancake recipe


If the batter is not easy to spread out, use chopsticks to gently poke it and spread it out a bit. Or you can add some water to make the batter thinner and make the pancakes softer.


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