Banana Egg Pancake

Banana Egg Pancake

by Shredded Potato Burrito

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The kids love it the most. They can eat 5 of them every time.


Banana Egg Pancake

1. , I use a big banana that is relatively well-ripe. If the small banana is small, use 2 and grind it directly with a fork. The bananas should be grind as thin as possible, then beat in an egg and stir.

Banana Egg Pancake recipe

2. The beaten banana egg mash is this kind of runny, very thin

Banana Egg Pancake recipe

3. Add the flour and rice, and mix

Banana Egg Pancake recipe

4. The mixed batter has a consistency and is not very thin, so you can control it yourself. If it is too thin, add more flour

Banana Egg Pancake recipe

5. A large spoonful of a pie, brush the pan with oil, scoop the mixed batter directly into the pan, one by one, use the back of the spoon to push it into a pie

Banana Egg Pancake recipe

6. Bake the biscuits into a burnt color on both sides and they will be cooked. It is recommended to use a non-stick pan. It can be eaten with very little oil and is not greasy and not high in heat

Banana Egg Pancake recipe


To make this banana mashed pancake, the bananas used should be well-ripe, which is the best one with spots on the surface of the banana peel. It is easy to grind into mud, and the sweetness is relatively high.
If you don’t have rice, you don’t need to put it. I put some leftover rice at home. You can put some corn flour and other grains, which are also delicious.


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