Banana Milk Muffins

Banana Milk Muffins

by Lao Fang Xiaoyu

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Banana muffin is a Cantonese snack made from bananas, eggs, fresh milk and other materials; and my banana milk muffin today is a "pseudo banana muffin". There is no banana in it, but banana milk is used. It's flavor-enhancing.
Because what I eat in private baking is healthy and safe, I have always tried my best to avoid synthetic additives such as baking powder, coloring, shortening, etc. in my private food; however, many food recipes often contain some synthetic additives to a greater or lesser extent. So today I made a new attempt, borrowing the inspiration of chiffon cake to beat the protein to help hair, and using this banana milk muffin, practice has proved: the effect is really good, not lose the pine with baking powder What about the pie~~~


Banana Milk Muffins

1. Prepare all the ingredients, sift the low-gluten flour in advance

Banana Milk Muffins recipe

2. Separate the eggs and put the egg yolk in the low flour

Banana Milk Muffins recipe

3. Pour 10 grams of salt and banana milk into the basin

Banana Milk Muffins recipe

4. Mix with egg custard to form a thin banana milk batter for later use

Banana Milk Muffins recipe

5. Add 20 white sugar to the egg whites and beat until mild foaming

Banana Milk Muffins recipe

6. Take 1/2 egg white batter and mix well in banana milk batter

Banana Milk Muffins recipe

7. Put the remaining egg white paste into it and mix evenly

Banana Milk Muffins recipe

8. Spoon a small spoonful of banana milk batter into a flat-bottomed non-stick pan

Banana Milk Muffins recipe

9. Heat on a small fire until small bubbles are formed on the surface

Banana Milk Muffins recipe

10. Flip gently and fry for half a minute, then it will come out of the pan

Banana Milk Muffins recipe

11. You can also cook multiple pieces together

Banana Milk Muffins recipe

12. After turning it over, fry it before cooking

Banana Milk Muffins recipe


1. The thickness of the batter can be adjusted according to your preference.
2. It must be that the bubbling surface is completely solidified at the bottom and then turned over
3. It is best to use a non-stick pan to make the fried cakes smooth and beautiful


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