Coconut Banana Balls

Coconut Banana Balls

by Simple 7700

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I always want to make something delicious at the homestay on the weekend. It just so happened that I received Chobe’s salad dressing set again. My daughter and I cheered because my family often used Chobe’s salad dressing. We bought it when we ran out, and just picked it up. .
I made a Kewpie Salad Coconut Banana Ball. My kids were so happy. They said they would save a few for my dad and I. But I couldn’t help it. With my consent, she ate more than half of it and asked for it. I sent it to the WeChat group of her class, saying that she was too happy, and she had such a delicious thing, and she must share it. She kept on twittering and said that too many classmates would definitely not be able to guess that it was made by banana. I did it in the morning, and under her supervision, it was sent to her class group in the evening.
Perhaps the meaning of being delicious is here.


Coconut Banana Balls

1. Get the materials ready.

Coconut Banana Balls recipe

2. Beat the eggs one by one.

Coconut Banana Balls recipe

3. Peel the banana and cut into sections.

Coconut Banana Balls recipe

4. Use chopsticks to pick up a piece of banana, put it in the egg wash, and roll it.

Coconut Banana Balls recipe

5. Put it in the breadcrumbs and roll.

Coconut Banana Balls recipe

6. Put it on the plate.

Coconut Banana Balls recipe

7. Squeeze the salad dressing into the bowl.

Coconut Banana Balls recipe

8. Use a pot, pour the oil, heat the oil, put the bananas in, and bubbles will immediately rise in the pot

Coconut Banana Balls recipe

9. Fry until the banana ball floats to remove the oil control.

Coconut Banana Balls recipe

10. Using clean chopsticks, pick a fried banana ball and dip it in a little Kubi Salad Dressing.

Coconut Banana Balls recipe

11. Make a roll in the coconut paste.

Coconut Banana Balls recipe

12. Serve it on a plate and pair it with Chobe's blueberry sauce, which is delicious on earth.

Coconut Banana Balls recipe


1. The oil temperature should be high, first try with one, ask bananas to be put in, and just roll over
2. The size of the banana is arbitrary. It can also be cut longer. Bananas should be riper and sweeter.


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