Barbecued Pork with Scallion and Honey Sauce

Barbecued Pork with Scallion and Honey Sauce

by Nicole

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A few days ago, I made Char Siew with Honey Sauce, and the response was very enthusiastic. It seems that there are quite a few students who like Char Siew Pork Roudi. It is indeed a traditional and classic taste. I thought that char siu was only popular in Guangdong, but I didn't expect that many students from the north were also interested. I couldn't help but sigh: It's not just music that can bring you closer, but also food.
I made a large piece of char siu and gave it to my friends to eat by myself, which eliminated a lot, leaving only the next piece. Although it was stored in a plastic bag, the barbecued pork after two days of storage is still far less juicy and juicy than it was when it was first baked. Although the taste is not too bad, the taste is obviously dry. This kind of char siu, if eaten with white rice, would not help but feel a bit lacking in flavor.
What do you usually do with unfinished barbecued pork? For my classmates who are thrifty and diligent, I can't wait for a fish to toss six ways to eat it. It is absolutely impossible to throw it away, but eating directly is not responsible for the food. After thinking about it and thinking of the flying cakes in the refrigerator, I came to this char siu crispy corner. It is simple and delicious. It can also make full use of its strengths and avoid shortcomings. It makes the best use of it. It is actually one of the famous traditional refreshments in Guangdong. You can eat it in teahouses and hotels. Really well-made char siu crisps, the outer skin and fillings are quite particular, one bite down, the crumbs have to be scattered all over the place before they can be called crispy, and the fillings inside should be moderately hard and tender. Juice, only this kind of barbecued pork crisp can make you have a long aftertaste and can’t stop eating...
Although the barbecued pork puff is delicious, making the puff pastry is a tedious process, which may discourage many people. What should I do if I want to eat barbecued pork crisps but do not want to make meringues? Haha, like me, use flying cakes, which eliminates the tediousness of homemade meringue, but the taste is definitely not inferior. You should eat the barbecued pork crisps while they are hot, otherwise the meat inside will not taste good when they are cold. I use drops. The scallion-flavored flying cake adds more flavor. Those who don’t like it can choose the original flavor. The barbecued pork crispy just baked, the shell is crispy, the filling is rich and fragrant, take a bite while it is hot, full of rich barbecued pork scent, the warmth of happiness, there is nothing more than this.


Barbecued Pork with Scallion and Honey Sauce

1. Honey-glazed barbecued pork cut into small cubes, add Lee Kum Kee barbecued pork sauce, add a little honey, stir well, add cornstarch, mix evenly to make barbecued pork filling; remove two flying cakes from the refrigerator and defrost

Barbecued Pork with Scallion and Honey Sauce recipe

2. When the pie is slightly soft, cut in half; scoop a spoonful of char siu filling and place it on the corner of the pie, occupying about 1/4 of the crust; fold the other half back and pinch the edges;
Pinch out fine ripples along the edge to form a raw char siu dumpling embryo; use a fork to pierce the raw embryo evenly; preheat the oven at 200 degrees for 5 minutes, brush the surface of the crisp corner with a layer of egg liquid, and bake for about 20 minutes Can

Barbecued Pork with Scallion and Honey Sauce recipe


1. Barbecued pork cake is best eaten while it is hot, it will be a little greasy when it is cold;
2. Pierce small holes with a fork before baking to prevent it from exploding during baking;
3. If there are white sesame seeds, sprinkle some after brushing the egg liquid, the finished product will be more crispy.


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