Basil Mahi Porridge

Basil Mahi Porridge

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The northerners’ porridge is as simple and straightforward as the northerners’ character. Millet porridge is pancakes throughout the year. The picture shows that you can eat. The only representative of northern porridge I can think of is the eight-treasure porridge that must be consumed in the twelfth lunar month. Well. The northerners practice the twenty-four solar terms porridge order, while the southerners practice the 365-day porridge order.


Basil Mahi Porridge

1. Buy the loach, it is best to keep it in clean water for a few days, let it spit out the sludge before eating, and change the water several times a day

2. Put the wok on the stove, pour the loach, cover the pot, turn on a low heat, you will hear a strange sound in the pot, but hold on until there is no sound before opening the lid, pour oil, sprinkle salt and ginger, Fry the mackerel thoroughly over a slow fire

Basil Mahi Porridge recipe

3. Mix Thai fragrant rice and pearl rice in advance, add appropriate amount of water to cook a pot of rice porridge, put the fried mackerel in the pot, boil over high heat for 5 minutes

4. Wash the perilla, roll up a leaf as shown in the picture, and cut it into filaments. This method can cut the leaves more evenly

Basil Mahi Porridge recipe

5. Cut all the perilla into pieces one by one

6. The aroma of the mackerel porridge has been cooked, pour in the rice wine and light soy sauce, add the perilla and boil for 2 minutes. After it is out of the pan, sprinkle with white pepper and drizzle sesame oil according to your taste.

Basil Mahi Porridge recipe
Basil Mahi Porridge recipe


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