Loach Soup

Loach Soup

by Little girl Alice

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My good friend unfortunately got nasopharyngeal cancer. In the past few days, her mother had to go to the hospital to take care of her. I listened to the family members of other patients in the ward to drink more loach soup, turtle soup, and eel soup to prevent cancer and anti-cancer! I secretly tasted this soup for the first time she learned how to make it. It tasted great


Loach Soup

1. Buy the loach at the vegetable market, please help the stall owner to kill it and go home and clean it. I wash it and scald it with freshly boiled water to remove the white mucosa on the loach. I don’t know if it will be removed. It just feels clean and eaten. Don't worry, rinse with water!

Loach Soup recipe

2. Put the ginger slices in a hot pan with cold oil and then fry the loach with the water. Cook some cooking wine, add cold water and boil for a while. Turn to a low heat and cook for 20 minutes. Sprinkle a little white pepper. It's really just a little bit! Add green onion, white salt and simmer for two minutes, turn off the heat and sprinkle with green onion leaves

Loach Soup recipe


You can also boil the soup in plain water, but I think the soup tastes better when it is fried. This is for one person


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