Beef Beef Rice

Beef Beef Rice

by Ai Jing Empress

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There is a pseudo-physicist at home, beef becomes the first choice!


Beef Beef Rice

1. Mixed juice

Beef Beef Rice recipe

2. Chop garlic and onion. The meat grinder is very convenient (because I am lazy, cutting onions makes me cry).

Beef Beef Rice recipe

3. Shred cabbage

Beef Beef Rice recipe

4. Carrot cut flower type

Beef Beef Rice recipe

5. Cabbage (2.5 haha per catty) blanched, broccoli can also be used (a bit expensive recently, 8 yuan per catty)

Beef Beef Rice recipe

6. Carrots blanched

Beef Beef Rice recipe

7. Beef rolls blanched

Beef Beef Rice recipe

8. Add oil to the pan, pour garlic and onion froth, and saute until fragrant

Beef Beef Rice recipe

9. Add the beef rolls and pour in the mixed sauce

Beef Beef Rice recipe

10. Stir fry evenly

Beef Beef Rice recipe

11. Discoloration

Beef Beef Rice recipe


1⃣️The cabbage and carrots are blanched first, and then the beef rolls are blanched. Because there is a vegetable broth in western food, this method is used to cook beef with such vegetables.
2⃣️Fatty beef rolls are taken out as soon as they change color. Don't cook too much, otherwise the fat beef rolls are not tasty when they get old.


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