Beef Pot Stickers

Beef Pot Stickers

by Susuai Food

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Northerners like to eat noodles. Our dumplings, steamed buns and pot stickers are often made. My father-in-law especially likes pot stickers, meat and seafood, so I usually pack more of these two kinds of stuffing.
In fact, potstickers usually have pork, cabbage and mutton radish with meat filling, but the worst is beef drip. Because the beef has less fat, the filling tastes hard. However, according to my prescription, this problem can be completely avoided.
Beef potstickers are skillful from mixing noodles to making fillings. The noodles should be mixed with half of the hot noodles. The potstickers made by doing this will taste the best, and the noodles are soft and the bottom is crispy. Be sure to add more water to the wagyu beef filling, stirring constantly in one direction while adding it, so that the meat filling is fully absorbed. If you don't add a lot of water, the meat will be very hard and not tasty.
The potstickers made according to my recipe are guaranteed to be tender on the outside and tender on the inside, crisp and fresh after a bite, which makes people enjoyable to eat.


Beef Pot Stickers

1. First wash the beef and chop it into puree, and put it in a container (I don’t like to eat machine dumplings, I just chop them by hand)

Beef Pot Stickers recipe

2. Chop the green onion, ginger, and coriander for later use, soak the pepper in hot water, cover and soak for 15 minutes, take out the pepper, add the cooking wine to the meat and mix for a while

Beef Pot Stickers recipe

3. Then add ginger, green onion and chopped coriander and stir evenly (if you like to eat vegetables, you can add some chopped green onions or chopped cabbage here)

Beef Pot Stickers recipe

4. Add salt, sugar, soy sauce and oyster sauce

Beef Pot Stickers recipe

5. Pour olive oil and sesame oil, add egg whites, pour in pepper water and mix well, then pour in water, stir while pouring until the meat is sticky, and then put it in the refrigerator (refrigeration for half an hour to 1 hour will be better. )

Beef Pot Stickers recipe

6. Prepare the flour, first pour in hot water, mix the noodles with chopsticks into a snowflake shape, then add cold water to knead into a smooth dough, cover with plastic wrap for 20 minutes, take out the dough and knead it into a strip of cutting agent, roll it into a dumpling wrapper size

Beef Pot Stickers recipe

7. Wrap the stuffing, squeeze it in the middle, heat up the pan and grease the bottom, put it in the pot stickers and fry it with a lid

Beef Pot Stickers recipe

8. Fry until the bottom is hard and the potsticker skin is translucent, add a small bowl of water, cover the pot again, and steam the upper part of the potsticker. After the water is boiled dry, add a little oil, and fry the bottom crispy.

Beef Pot Stickers recipe


1. The dough must be blanched with hot water at about 80°C. The ratio of surface to water is 2:1, and the hardness is suitable. If you are optimistic, it must not be boiled water. The overheated water blanched the noodles with a sticky taste and no tenacity. The taste is hard when the water temperature is too low;
2. The pepper must be soaked in hot water for 15 minutes before removing the pepper and leaving only the pepper water;
3. When mixing the stuffing, stir in the cooking wine to fully remove the meaty smell, and then add the salt before adding other seasonings. This order must be in this way, the meat stuffing will be more sticky;
4. When frying pan sticks, add appropriate amount of water when the dough becomes translucent, not too much, because pan sticks are open and easy to cook;
5. The last pour in oil is to make the bottom crispy.


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