Beef Soup

Beef Soup

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This beef soup looks clear and transparent, but the taste is rich and delicious. Stewed beef broth does not actually require a lot of spices, but ginger and grass fruit are necessary for making a delicious soup. Stewed beef can be paired with rice noodles and noodles. If you like spicy food, you can add chili oil in the later stage. Today, I will teach you a family version of quick beef soup. The hot soup is intertwined and fused with various side dishes. As soon as the aroma is released, the appetite is instantly aroused. .


Beef Soup

1. Prepare ingredients

Beef Soup recipe

2. Soak the beef in water for more than half an hour to soak the blood of the beef. Put the soaked beef into the pot, add water, cooking wine, and ginger slices and cook almost with blood foam, pour out the whole pot of water, and wash the beef with warm water! (It must be hot water, because the beef protein will become hard when it is cold, which will affect the taste. The above steps are all to remove the bloody smell of the beef. Because it is a clear stew, in order to clear the soup, it is best to pour the water for the first time. Drop)

Beef Soup recipe

3. Next, start to boil beef broth. Put enough water for the beef in the pot, add bay leaves, star anise, green onion, ginger, grass fruit, boil on high heat, then cover and simmer for 2 hours on low heat

Beef Soup recipe

4. Let the cooked beef cool and slice for later use

Beef Soup recipe

5. Put chopped cilantro, shallots, pepper, salt, and chili oil in a bowl, rinse with beef broth, then add the cut beef slices and you can start eating

Beef Soup recipe

6. The beef stewed in this way is a clear soup, which can be used as beef noodles, and can also be served with white bun or cake shreds.

Beef Soup recipe


1. The beef needs to be boiled in cold water first to wash away the foam to remove its fishy smell
2. Don't touch cold water after the beef is cooked, even if you need to add water in the middle of the stewing, heat the water, otherwise the protein will shrink and become hard when cold, and the beef taste will be old!
3. The beef must be rinsed with running water until the color is white, and the blood is washed away, so that the beef broth will be clear and delicious.
4. The beef soup in the restaurant is delicious and bright because of the addition of curry powder and butter. You can buy beef with a piece of butter. Add it to the soup when you cook the soup. These two are the secret weapons for the delicious yellow and bright color of the beef soup. .
5. The finished beef broth can be added with chili oil as you like to make it more flavorful


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