Beef with Orange Peel

Beef with Orange Peel

by Meimeijia's Kitchen

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Spring is the season for the growth of all things. Not only are the things in nature, children also grow the fastest in the hungry spring every year. Therefore, every spring, mothers will give their children various calcium supplements in order to achieve their stature. Dash in the spring!

This statement has scientific basis.

In Chinese medicine, "spring grows in summer, grows in autumn and harvests in winter". Spring is a season when the body’s metabolism is strong, blood circulation is accelerated, respiratory and digestive functions are strengthened, and the secretion of endocrine hormones, especially growth hormone, is increased. Golden conditions". In terms of diet, supplementing adequate nutrition can really help children grow up!

The dish I recommend to you today is a bit expensive, but it's especially effective for growing up, and kids like it too. It's spring to make more for kids, appetizers and meals!
The growth of the body is inseparable from protein. Among all meat products, the content of potassium and protein in beef is very high. Potassium is a relatively lacking mineral in most people's diets. Low potassium levels can inhibit protein synthesis and growth hormone production, thereby affecting the growth of the body. Beef is rich in protein: 4 ounces of lean tenderloin can produce 22 grams of first-class protein, so if you want your child to grow up fast, it is necessary to appropriately increase the intake of beef.
But there are some children, eating meat is easy to get angry and indigestible. You can try with some tangerine peels. In spring, children will grow taller if they eat more beef.

Beef with tangerine peel is actually a famous traditional dish with bright red color, soft texture, spicy and sweet back, and a fragrant tangerine peel. Deeply appreciated by diners. This dish is made with traditional Chinese medicine dried tangerine peel and beef with various condiments. It has the effects of relieving cough, resolving phlegm, promoting fluid appetite, smoothing qi and eliminating food, and can also treat vitamin C deficiency. Among the many famous dishes, this beef with dried tangerine peel is unique.

In fact, it's quite simple to make at home. In spring, I usually cook this dish for my child twice a week. Last year, the child grew 12 cm in the spring and immediately rushed up. This year I started to work harder for him again!

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Beef with Orange Peel

1. First, let's prepare the ingredients.

Beef with Orange Peel recipe

2. You don’t need to use too much tangerine peel. For a catty and a half of beef, 1-2 tangerine peels (the peel of an orange) are enough.

Tangerine peel is orange peel, aged orange peel. You can buy it in general scented tea shops and pharmacies. It is a traditional Chinese medicinal material commonly used in clinical practice. It has the functions of regulating qi, strengthening the spleen and reducing phlegm. When sautéing beef with tangerine peel, it not only has a unique flavor, but also has the effect of conditioning the body.
Wash the dried tangerine peels first, soak and shred slightly for later use.

Beef with Orange Peel recipe

3. Shred the beef weakly, add a spoonful of light soy sauce and mix until fully absorbed.

Beef with Orange Peel recipe

4. Add a little ginger.

Beef with Orange Peel recipe

5. Finally, pour in a little oil and marinate for ten minutes. Seal the surface of the shredded beef with oil to maintain the moisture of the meat. The fried beef tastes tender and juicy.

Beef with Orange Peel recipe

6. Heat the oil pan, pour the marinated beef into the pan, and fry until it is broken.

Beef with Orange Peel recipe

7. Add a spoonful of bean paste.

Beef with Orange Peel recipe

8. Pour in the orange peel and stir fry evenly.

Beef with Orange Peel recipe

9. Add glutinous rice (or cooking wine, sugar and water) and cook for a while.

Beef with Orange Peel recipe

10. When the soup is about to dry, sprinkle in the coriander section, stir-fry for a while to start the pot.

Beef with Orange Peel recipe


The beef is marinated with oil-sealing before frying, and it is not only delicious, but also tender.
If there is no glutinous rice, you can use cooking wine instead, but if you use cooking wine, you need to add a little sugar and water when cooking, and you don’t need to add it when you use mash.
You can add some salt when marinating the beef, so that you don't need to add salt at all when you stir fry.


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