Biscuits Tenderloin

Biscuits Tenderloin

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Biscuits tenderloin is a popular street snack, and you can see stalls in the streets and alleys of every city. However, most of the tenderloin here is chicken breast, the color is red, you can see that it is colored at a glance, it is neither hygienic nor delicious.
In fact, it’s very simple to make sesame loin at home. Pickle the loin the first night, buy a few sesame cakes, and put them in the refrigerator. Wake up the next day and fry the tenderloin in a pan. You can cook the tenderloin while heating the pancake in the microwave. You can eat the delicious pancake tenderloin in a few minutes. It is clean and hygienic, and the taste can kill the street stall's pancake tenderloin~~


Biscuits Tenderloin

1. Prepare ingredients: tenderloin, Orleans marinade, oyster sauce, cooking wine, onion

Biscuits Tenderloin recipe

2. Loin slices into large pieces.

Biscuits Tenderloin recipe

3. Shred the onion

Biscuits Tenderloin recipe

4. Put the cut loin slices into a bowl, add onion shreds, oyster sauce, white pepper, Orleans fried chicken marinade, cooking wine and other seasonings.

Biscuits Tenderloin recipe

5. After adding a few drops of soy sauce, stir well. (If dry, add some water)

Biscuits Tenderloin recipe

6. Grab it well, cover with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator.

Biscuits Tenderloin recipe

7. Take out the marinated tenderloin, set a frying pan on the fire, put a little cooking oil, and fry the marinated tenderloin one by one.

Biscuits Tenderloin recipe

8. Fry on one side until the color changes, turn and fry on the other side (fry for about 1 minute on each side)

Biscuits Tenderloin recipe

9. The sesame seeds are ready-made, with some lettuce and sweet noodle sauce (you can put garlic chili sauce, beef sauce, spicy sauce, etc. according to your preference)

Biscuits Tenderloin recipe

10. Take out the fried tenderloin, brush with a layer of sweet flour sauce and cumin powder, and cut the biscuits in the middle.

Biscuits Tenderloin recipe

11. Cut the biscuits in the middle, add some lettuce, and the fried tenderloin.

Biscuits Tenderloin recipe


The sauce can be made with garlic chili sauce, beef sauce, spicy sauce, etc. according to your own preference.


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