Bitter Gourd Egg Preserved

Bitter Gourd Egg Preserved

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Balsam pear mainly treats heatstroke, dysentery, excessive heat rash, conjunctivitis, burns and scalds, oliguria and other diseases. In addition, bitter gourd has a high vitamin C content, which can prevent scurvy, protect cell membranes, prevent atherosclerosis, improve the body's stress ability, and protect the heart.
In addition, bitter gourd enters the heart, lungs, and stomach, and has the functions of lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipids, beautifying beauty, and promoting metabolism. Because bitter gourd is rich in vitamin B1, vitamin C and minerals, long-term consumption of bitter gourd can maintain energy and have great benefits in the treatment of acne.
Bitter melon can be used for beauty and weight loss. However, if you want to use bitter gourd to lose weight, you have to eat bitter gourd raw and eat at least 2—3 bitter gourds every day, and you have to persist for a long time. In addition to eating bitter gourd, you also need to supplement the necessary nutrients at the same time.
Bitter gourd has so many benefits, but many cones still don't like bitter gourd. Naturally, bitter gourd has a bitter taste. But those who like bitter gourd can taste the sweetness in addition to the bitterness.
But the [Bitter Gourd Egg Preserved Egg] I shared with you today is not bitter at all except for its fragrance. No matter how much you don't like bitter gourd, follow my steps and you will definitely fall in love with bitter gourd. O(∩_∩)o ~~
And the bitter gourd is not only delicious, but also has a good appearance. When it is served on the table, it is snatched by the family! In other words, I fry four pieces of [Bitter Gourd Eggs], but after I wandered around in the kitchen, [Bitter Gourd Eggs] residues are all left, and there is no humanity~ I want to cry~ Fortunately I fry [ Bitter melon egg preserved] Taste a small piece, otherwise I don’t know what the taste is~~


Bitter Gourd Egg Preserved

1. Prepare ingredients: bitter gourd, egg, sweet pepper, garlic, shallot;

Bitter Gourd Egg Preserved recipe

2. Cut the bitter gourd in half, scoop out the seeds and flesh of the bitter gourd with a spoon; the white substance in the bitter gourd must be cleaned up, otherwise it will be bitter;

Bitter Gourd Egg Preserved recipe

3. Cut the bitter gourd into thin slices, as thin as possible;

Bitter Gourd Egg Preserved recipe

4. Grab the bitter gourd with appropriate amount of salt and marinate for a while;

Bitter Gourd Egg Preserved recipe

5. When pickling bitter gourd, you can chop sweet peppers, garlic, and shallots separately;

Bitter Gourd Egg Preserved recipe

6. After the bitter gourd has been pickled, it becomes soft. Pour out the water; rinse with water and squeeze out the water;

Bitter Gourd Egg Preserved recipe

7. Add eggs, sweet peppers, garlic, and chopped green onions in bitter gourd;

Bitter Gourd Egg Preserved recipe

8. Stir evenly with chopsticks;

Bitter Gourd Egg Preserved recipe

9. Add salt, sugar, pepper, cooking wine, and stir again;

Bitter Gourd Egg Preserved recipe

10. Pour an appropriate amount of olive oil into the pan;

Bitter Gourd Egg Preserved recipe

11. Pour the bitter gourd egg liquid and spread the ingredients evenly with the help of a spatula;

Bitter Gourd Egg Preserved recipe

12. Fry the bitter gourd egg liquid over low heat until solidified;

Bitter Gourd Egg Preserved recipe

13. Fry yellow on one side, turn over and continue to fry yellow;

Bitter Gourd Egg Preserved recipe

14. Turn off the heat and cook.

Bitter Gourd Egg Preserved recipe


1. The white material in bitter gourd must be cleaned up, otherwise it will be bitter;
2. The sweet pepper is replaced with pickled pepper, the taste is better;
3. When turning over [Bitter Gourd and Egg], you can use the plate; first slide the egg in the pan into the plate, and then carefully pour the egg in the plate into the pan;
4. Seasoning can be adjusted according to personal taste;


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