Black Sesame Mooncake

Black Sesame Mooncake

by Wanshanhong

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The black sesame filling is fried. I like the mooncakes with black sesame filling. The filling I fried is lower in sweetness, stronger in fragrance, and more healthy.


Black Sesame Mooncake

1. Put the invert syrup, peanut oil, and soap into a basin

Black Sesame Mooncake recipe

2. Stir well until fully integrated

Black Sesame Mooncake recipe

3. Add flour and make dough for 1-2 hours

Black Sesame Mooncake recipe

4. Divide the dough into 12 grams each

Black Sesame Mooncake recipe

5. Divide the sesame filling into 38 grams each and form a ball

Black Sesame Mooncake recipe

6. Flatten the dough to wrap the fillings, and pack tightly

Black Sesame Mooncake recipe

7. Dip dry powder in the mold and put it into the mold to form

Black Sesame Mooncake recipe

8. Push into the baking tray, spray water before baking to prevent cracking

Black Sesame Mooncake recipe

9. Oven at 179 degrees, preheat and bake for 6 minutes

Black Sesame Mooncake recipe

10. One egg yolk, add 5 grams of water to the same amount of egg whites, stir evenly to form egg yolk liquid, bake for 6 minutes, take it out and brush with a layer

Black Sesame Mooncake recipe

11. Continue to bake for 15 minutes

Black Sesame Mooncake recipe

12. The baked mooncakes can return to the oil after one day.

Black Sesame Mooncake recipe


The ratio of the skin to the stuffing can be adjusted appropriately according to the situation of the package. It's a little bit difficult for a thin-skinned bag. Today's ratio is relatively easy to pack.


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