Black Sesame Toast

Black Sesame Toast

by Junzhi

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Looks like I didn't update on time today? Recently, the opinions of the people seem to be very big. I was wrong, I was really wrong. I will accept it humbly and will not change it. Black sesame has always had the effect of health preservation. The bread with black sesame is not only nutritious, but also unique in flavor.


Black Sesame Toast

1. Take half of the black sesame seeds (30 grams) and use the grinding cup of the food processor to beat them a few times to make thicker black sesame seeds; according to the general bread making method, knead all the ingredients for making bread except 30 grams of black sesame seeds. Into a dough, knead to the complete stage

Black Sesame Toast recipe

2. Add the remaining 30 grams of black sesame seeds to the dough and knead for about 1 minute to make the black sesame seeds evenly distributed in the dough; ferment the dough to 2.5 times its size at room temperature (it takes about 1 hour at a temperature of 28 degrees). The fermented dough is expelled from the air, divided into 8 portions, kneaded into small round dough, and fermented for 15 minutes.

Black Sesame Toast recipe

3. After the middle fermentation is over, take a small round dough and roll it into an oval shape, about the same width as the toast mold; roll the oval dough up from the bottom

Black Sesame Toast recipe

4. Put the rolled dough into the toast mold; put it in an environment with a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius and a humidity of 80% for the final fermentation until the dough becomes 2.5 times its original size (about 40 minutes); the dough is finished with a brush Layer whole egg liquid, ready to bake in the oven

Black Sesame Toast recipe


1. The small toast with black sesame seeds, not only has the unique flavor of black sesame, but also has high nutritional value;
2. If there is no food processor, you can omit 30 grams of powdered black sesame seeds and use 30 grams of high-gluten flour instead. But the flavor of the toast made in this way is inferior;
2. This formula can also be used to make a 450g big toast, just follow the shaping method and baking temperature of milk-flavored toast.


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