Black Tea Ruanou

Black Tea Ruanou

by Xiaozifaner

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Compared with French sticks, the soft European has finer structure and rich materials, and belongs to the higher-component European bag. I added black tea, brown sugar and raisins have a richer taste. The ancients said that eating tea is to drink tea. In fact, the nutrition of tea includes two parts: water-soluble and fat-soluble. The latter is insoluble in water and will remain in the tea no matter how many times you drink it. Therefore, only by eating tea can the nutrition of tea be better absorbed. Black tea is good for the stomach and is more suitable for patients with cold body, poor intestines and stomach, and cardiovascular diseases.


Black Tea Ruanou

1. Rinse raisins and filter water for later use, brew brown sugar and black tea with 120g hot water and cool for later use

Black Tea Ruanou recipe

2. Toaster first pour liquid (including oil)

Black Tea Ruanou recipe

3. Then pour in the flour, dig a hole in the middle to put the yeast, and finally put salt and raisins in the opposite corner

Black Tea Ruanou recipe

4. Knead into a smooth dough

Black Tea Ruanou recipe

5. Ferment to double full barrel

Black Tea Ruanou recipe

6. Pulling visible dough is covered with even and rich small holes

Black Tea Ruanou recipe

7. Take out the spheronization and vent, divide into three pieces of dough

Black Tea Ruanou recipe

8. Take a portion of the dough and roll it into a beef tongue shape

Black Tea Ruanou recipe

9. Roll up from top to bottom

Black Tea Ruanou recipe

10. Pinch interface

Black Tea Ruanou recipe

11. Organize into an olive shape, spray a little water on the surface

Black Tea Ruanou recipe

12. Put half a bowl of water on the bottom of the oven and ferment to double the size

Black Tea Ruanou recipe

13. Take out, sprinkle whole wheat flour on the surface, and cut the bag with a sharp cut. Preheat the oven at 180 degrees for 25 minutes

Black Tea Ruanou recipe


1. The water absorption of flour is different. Adjust the ratio of flour to water appropriately. Novices can prepare 10% flour or water in advance.
2. Oven difference, flexible control according to your own oven
3. The raisins can be replaced with fruits such as longan, and the longan should also be soaked in advance
4. If you like sweet taste, you can add sugar appropriately


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