Bobo Chicken

Bobo Chicken

by Little Fish Food 666

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I am from Hunan and I have been in Chongqing for ten years. I really like the delicacy of Bobo Chicken. I made it at home today, and the taste is no worse than outside.


Bobo Chicken

1. Prepare the ingredients according to your preference. I have quail eggs, fungus, kelp, tofu skin, broccoli, shrimp balls, shrimp balls, etc., together about 500 grams.

Bobo Chicken recipe

2. Blanch all ingredients for 3-5 minutes, vegetable dishes for 3 minutes, and meat for 5 minutes! Boil the water and fish out!

Bobo Chicken recipe

3. A bag of Bobo chicken material package, with 500 grams of water, cold water for summer!

Bobo Chicken recipe

4. This is how the adjusted soup base is!

Bobo Chicken recipe

5. Boil bamboo sticks in hot water!

Bobo Chicken recipe

6. Put all the ingredients on the bamboo skewers and put them in the adjusted bottom soup. You can start eating in half an hour. The taste is not worse than the outside!

Bobo Chicken recipe


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