Boiled Cabbage Heart

Boiled Cabbage Heart

by Duoyun 3602

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Boiled is a cooking technique of Cantonese cuisine. Boiled food is boiled with boiling water or soup. It is called boiled. Cantonese cuisines often use this method to cook shrimp and vegetables, which can keep the original flavor of the food. It is rich in nutrients, containing 14 kinds of mineral nutrients, rich in calcium, iron, vitamin C, and carotene. It is an important source of nutrients for the maintenance of human mucosal and epithelial tissues. It is of great benefit to resist skin hyperkeratosis. Eating some green leafy vegetables can reduce the burden on the stomach and make the body healthier.


Boiled Cabbage Heart

1. Remove the old leaves of the choy sum and divide the choy sum in two with a knife

Boiled Cabbage Heart recipe

2. Wash the choy sum and control the water, and diced garlic

Boiled Cabbage Heart recipe

3. Put an appropriate amount of oil in the water to boil, put the stalks of the Chinese cabbage leaves into the pot first, and when they are almost cooked, add them and cook until the leaves are soft.

Boiled Cabbage Heart recipe

4. Remove the choy sum and put it on the plate

Boiled Cabbage Heart recipe

5. Saute garlic in a frying pan

Boiled Cabbage Heart recipe

6. Add the right amount of salt

Boiled Cabbage Heart recipe

7. Add appropriate amount of light soy sauce and oyster sauce and stir well

Boiled Cabbage Heart recipe

8. Finally, pour the prepared oyster sauce garlic juice onto the choy sum

Boiled Cabbage Heart recipe


Cabbage worms are easy to grow cabbage worms. You can soak them in salt water for 10 minutes before eating to remove residual pesticides and let the cabbage worms escape.


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