Boiled Fish

Boiled Fish

by Big merener

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Steamed, braised, favorite is boiled fish-you can drink a large bowl of soup.


Boiled Fish

1. Clean up

Boiled Fish recipe

2. Cut well, set aside, smash the garlic

Boiled Fish recipe

3. Wash the fish and cut it well

Boiled Fish recipe

4. Wash the pot, drain the water, heat the pot on a low heat, drain the oil, and preheat

Boiled Fish recipe

5. Fry the fish head for a few minutes first, then add the fish meat for a while

Boiled Fish recipe

6. Put the water in, just cover the fish a little, turn on the fire, cover, you can also put more water

Boiled Fish recipe

7. After the soup is boiled, add chili and ginger, turn on medium heat, and cover, basically you don’t need to touch it

Boiled Fish recipe

8. Finally, cook for a while on a low heat, add the perilla, and fill a bowl-ready to eat

Boiled Fish recipe


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