Boiled Okra

Boiled Okra

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When I made okra steamed eggs in the previous part, I said I like boiled okra.
There is a private message asking how to make boiled okra.
My approach is quite simple,
Just blanch the okra and pour it with light soy sauce and hot oil after it is chilled.
Today I took a photo by the way and posted it here for reference!


Boiled Okra

1. Wash the okra, blanch it with salted water, put it in the boiling water, and blanch it for about 1 minute.

Boiled Okra recipe

2. Dripping into ice water, or dredging into cold water, you need to change the water once or twice to let the okra cool down completely

Boiled Okra recipe

3. Remove the pedicle, everything is two. The plate must be cut after blanching. If cut, the most precious mucus of the okra will be decomposed into the water and wasted. In addition, you don’t need to cut it. , Cut off the stalk directly and then serve it on the plate. However, I think it will be more convenient to cut and eat, especially when there are customers, it will look more careful.

Boiled Okra recipe

4. Add two spoons of oil to the pot, heat it up and turn off the heat

Boiled Okra recipe

5. After a little airing, pour 2 tablespoons of umami light soy sauce, use the remaining heat in the pot to boil the soy sauce and pour it on the prepared dishes. This pot is very hot after heating, and because there are less ingredients, if After turning off the heat, just pour the soy sauce in and immediately boil off the water and turn it into jelly. If you pour raw soy sauce in the okra and pour the hot oil, I personally feel that there is no such boiled soy sauce fragrance. In addition, it will be less oily if you make it yourself. , You can't pour the vegetables directly with hot oil, so I usually cook boiled vegetables like this and then pour the soy sauce.

Boiled Okra recipe


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