Umami Soy Sauce recipes

Taro Stewed in Chicken Broth

Chicken Soup, Taro, Garlic Sprouts

Quick Electric Pot Version of Dongpo Meat

Pork Belly, Old Rice Wine, Crystal Sugar

Stir-fried Pork with Pine Mushroom

Pine Mushroom, Pork (lean), Shallots

Red Braised Pork with Thick Oil Sauce

Pork Belly, Rice Wine, Braised Soy Sauce

Boiled Okra

Okra, Umami Soy Sauce, Cooking Oil

Delightful Devil Ginger

Guizi Ginger, Sharp Pepper, Fresh Ginger

Soft Glutinous Crispy Dongpo Pork

Pork Belly, Rice Wine, Fresh Ginger

Braised Pork and Potatoes

Pork Belly With Skin, Potato, Rice Wine

Egg Steamed Tofu

Egg, Soft Tofu, Salt

Twice Cooked Pork

Pork Belly, Onion, Carrot

Shepherd's Purse Pork and Chicken Dumplings

Dumpling Flour, Pork Filling, Chives

Brine Trotters

Trotters, Star Anise, Pepper

Kelp Shreds Mixed with Bean Curd

Tofu Skin, Seaweed Strips, Umami Soy Sauce

Steamed Baby Vegetables with Sausage and Vermicelli

Baby Dishes, Mung Bean Vermicelli, Sausage