Boiled Okra

Boiled Okra

by Wanshanhong

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Okra, also known as croissant and scallop, is a species native to Africa. The outside looks like a green pepper, and the inside is a sticky and greasy sap. It has a sweet taste and soft meat. It is rich in carotene, vitamin C, a variety of B vitamins, as well as potassium, calcium, magnesium and other nutrients. A healthy vegetable. My family loves okra, so I will grow some okra in the small vegetable garden these two years. The okra grown by yourself is eaten as soon as you pick it up. It is fresh to minutes, and there is absolutely no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. It is a real green organic food. There are many ways to eat okra. Today, let’s make the simplest boiled okra with the most complete nutrient retention. There is a layer of fluff on the surface of okra, which hurts the stomach when eaten raw, so it is not necessary to eat okra raw, and it is best to rub off the fluff on the surface with salt before making it, so that it tastes much better. "


Boiled Okra

1. The okra I grow by myself can be harvested so much every day. I just picked the okra and it’s fresh enough.

Boiled Okra recipe

2. Rub off the fluff on the surface of the okra with salt

Boiled Okra recipe

3. Rinse with water

Boiled Okra recipe

4. Put a little oil in the boiling water and blanch it for a little more than 1 minute. The okra I picked are very tender, so it will be blanched quickly. If the okra I bought is a little older, you can cook it for 1-2 minutes.

Boiled Okra recipe

5. Remove the blanched okra and immediately put it in the ice water prepared in advance to keep it crisp and tender. I'm prerequisite to put cold water in the refrigerator for ice water

Boiled Okra recipe

6. Take out the ice-cold okra, and use kitchen paper to absorb the surface moisture, so that it is easy to taste. I use bamboo fiber paper from Tianxi Rose

Boiled Okra recipe

7. Finally cut off the pedicle. Be careful not to cut off the stalk in advance, otherwise water will enter the okra when it is blanched

Boiled Okra recipe

8. Put the processed okra on a plate, top with light soy sauce, mince garlic and place on top, cut chili into circles and place on top, then heat the oil and pour on top.

Boiled Okra recipe


Because the light soy sauce is salty, so the dish does not need to be salted. It is even better if it is eaten with the light soy sauce on the plate and topped with minced garlic.


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