Bone Broth

Bone Broth

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In order to participate in the noodle competition at the Zwilling counter, we made soup at home late in the night. The next day, my mind was full of soup. Bone soup noodles are recognized, and the hard work is worth it.


Bone Broth

1. Wash the pork bones and blanch them for about three minutes

Bone Broth recipe

2. Add auxiliary materials, appropriate amount of water, and pressure cook the pork bones to cook

Bone Broth recipe

3. Tear off the pressed pork bones, pour the meat, bones, and soup into a casserole, boil while stirring. Lasts about two hours. The soup is done for nothing.

Bone Broth recipe


Using a pressure cooker can save a lot of time. The boiled bone broth can be packed and frozen, and can be taken out when needed.


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