Pork Ribs and Lotus Root Soup

Pork Ribs and Lotus Root Soup

by Dazzling silk scarf

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The story behind the delicacy: When it comes to casserole, everyone is familiar with it. Using a casserole to make soup is the most delicious. Today, I will use a casserole to make a lotus root soup with ribs. It is not only delicious, but also nutritious.
The efficacy and role of lotus root;
1. Clearing heat and cooling blood: lotus root is used for cold nature, has the effect of clearing heat and cooling blood, and can be used to treat fever diseases; lotus root is sweet and rich in liquid, which is especially beneficial for fever, thirst, hemoptysis, hemoptysis and blood loss.
2. Laxative and antidiarrheal, invigorate the spleen and appetite: lotus root contains mucus protein and dietary fiber, which can combine with the body's bile acid salts, cholesterol and triglycerides in food, and excrete it from the stool, thereby reducing lipids. absorb. The lotus root exudes a unique fragrance, and also contains tannins. It has the effect of invigorating the spleen and stopping diarrhea. It can increase appetite, promote digestion, appetite and invigorate, and is beneficial to those with poor appetite and loss of appetite to restore their health.
3. Replenishing blood and promoting muscle: lotus root has high nutritional value, rich in iron, calcium and other trace elements. It is also rich in plant protein, vitamins and starch. It can replenish qi and blood and enhance human immunity. Therefore, Chinese medicine calls it: "The main body nourishes the middle and nourishes the mind and strengthens the vitality."
4. To stop bleeding and dissipate blood stasis: lotus root contains a lot of tannins, which has the effect of constricting blood vessels and can be used to stop bleeding. Lotus root can also cool the blood and disperse blood. Chinese medicine believes that it can stop bleeding without leaving blood stasis. It is a good food therapy for febremia.
The ribs also contain collagen necessary for the human body, and the soup is made more delicious with the lotus root.


Pork Ribs and Lotus Root Soup

1. Prepare ingredients

Pork Ribs and Lotus Root Soup recipe

2. Soak the ribs in water for 3-5 hours. Change the water several times during the period. After that, add 5 tablespoons of Huadiao wine [seasonings other than ingredients] to better remove the fishy, and soak for 1 hour

Pork Ribs and Lotus Root Soup recipe

3. At this time, prepare the lotus root, wash the lotus root, peel it, cut it into hob pieces, cut the green onion into sections, slice the ginger, and mince the chives

Pork Ribs and Lotus Root Soup recipe

4. Soak the ribs, blanch them in boiling water, remove them, and set aside

Pork Ribs and Lotus Root Soup recipe

5. At this time, switch to Kunbo casserole, put 2/3 of the water in the pot, and after the water is boiled, add the blanched pork ribs. [You can put a few fresh hawthorn or hawthorn slices in this step, so that the ribs will be quickly Stewed]

Pork Ribs and Lotus Root Soup recipe

6. Pour in Huadiao Wine

Pork Ribs and Lotus Root Soup recipe

7. Add green onion and sliced ginger

Pork Ribs and Lotus Root Soup recipe

8. Cover the pot, 1600W, 40 minutes

Pork Ribs and Lotus Root Soup recipe

9. After 40 minutes, put in the lotus root, cover the pot, 1600W, simmer in 30-40 minutes

Pork Ribs and Lotus Root Soup recipe

10. After turning off the heat, add an appropriate amount of salt.

Pork Ribs and Lotus Root Soup recipe


Tips for silk scarves: If you can add a few slices of fresh hawthorn or dried hawthorn in step 5, the meat will simmer quickly, which will save a lot of time.


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