Hazel Mushroom Chicken Soup

Hazel Mushroom Chicken Soup

by Nine Color Deer

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In autumn, the weather gradually turns cooler and the weather is dry, and our bodies become "fragile". If we don't pay attention, we will catch a cold and cough. Therefore, it is time to "nutrition" in autumn. The first choice for tonic is to drink the soup. The chicken soup with wild hazel mushrooms and big stick bone stew is delicious and nutritious. In addition to drinking some soups properly, eat more foods that are nourishing, nourishing, and juicy, and eat less spicy and fried foods.


Hazel Mushroom Chicken Soup

1. Wash and chop three yellow chickens with one big stick and two bones.

Hazel Mushroom Chicken Soup recipe

2. Add clean water to the pot, add the chicken nuggets, blanch the bones, and remove them for later use.

Hazel Mushroom Chicken Soup recipe

3. Prepare bay leaves, star anise, green onions, ginger, and red dates.
Put the blanched chicken nuggets, stick bones and seasonings into the pot, and add pure water to cover the ingredients.

Hazel Mushroom Chicken Soup recipe

4. Start the electric pressure cooker soup mode.

Hazel Mushroom Chicken Soup recipe

5. Simmer for about 35 minutes, click the button to open the lid halfway, add the water-fat hazel mushrooms, diced yam, and carrot salt.

Hazel Mushroom Chicken Soup recipe

6. Cover the lid until the whole soup cooking mode is over.

Hazel Mushroom Chicken Soup recipe


1. The raw materials are blanched to remove fishy and odors to ensure that the soup is clear and pure.
2. Hazel mushrooms are not only rich in nutrition, but also smooth and refreshing, and they are delicious, and they are twice as nutritious as they are stewed with chicken soup.
3. Add big stick bones to the chicken broth and stew together to make it more fragrant.


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